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Hello there!

Are you looking for skilled comic book script writers to pen down a graphic novel for you? Then, you are in luck!

We at Comic-Book-Artists follow a highly organized and robust production mechanism to get you the best quality comic book / graphic novel scripts that will get the graphic novel writer in you, excited for more! Since we have a talent base comprising of internationally acclaimed graphic novel script writers and illustrators, you are most likely to settle for nothing short of the best.

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What you can expect

You can ask for any number of revisions on the draft, till you find it perfect.

Complete transparency of work. Your comic book writer(s) would be in co-ordination with you, throughout the process.

You can feel free to give your feedback and creative inputs to your writer, while he/she is writing a graphic novel script.

We can also offer you story-writing service, in case you don’t have one.

Fee structure

Graphic novel script writing :@ $20 per page of script. 1 page script is roughly estimated as 1 page of the actual illustrated graphic novel/comic book. Charges levied depend on the total number of pages.

Story (if required): @ $20 per page.

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