Character design artist

character design artist

character design artist

character design artist

Do you need a character design artist for your comic book, graphic novel or animation project? Want the world’s best, yet which does not burn your pocket too much? Then you have landed in the correct place; so rejoice. Are your comic book characters in your dreams, yet don’t know how to start? So allow us to bring them on the internet, screen, and paper. Hire from our team of the best character artists of the world, and feel relaxed.

High Points

  • Exact and closest-to-description character illustrations for you from our expert design artist.
  • A wide variety of character illustration styles (manga style, action-comics, cartoonish and many more) offered by our team of professional artists.
  • Done on an economical budget and done by skilled character artists.
  • Options for both B/W and color illustrations.
  • Liberty to ask your character artist for hire, to make multiple revisions.
  • Pencil draft/outline is shown first where you can suggest major changes. Thereafter coloring is done.
  • Freedom to share style references with your artist. If you like a particular style, share the links or images and we can confirm if we can follow that art style. It is very probable we can follow almost any style of art if it is among the popular styles.
  • You can also share images of actual people and ask your character artist to make the character look similar to the reference image of the actual person.
  • We also provide Hollywood storyboard service and have done character designs of several Hollywood films and animated shows.

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is a pleasant surprise. It is very affordable. You also qualify for a bulk discount if you order work worth over $2,000 at a time.

  • Colored character (without background)– $150
  • Color character (with background) – $200

Click here to see samples