Comic book illustrations

Comic book illustrations

Black and White comes from the founder of; world’s no. 1 screenplay service, with a state of the art 3D animation studio, employing 30 trained animators and artists, and is the best option if you are looking for comic book artists for hire.


  • Flexibility of illustration styles
  • Experienced illustration artists
  • Option of corrections and changes
  • Fast delivery
  • Deadline bound
  • Adherence to script

Fee structure

Black and white comic book art: $25 per panel/frame ($125 per page if number of panels is less then 4 per page)

If the total fee is above $500, you can go for installment-payment (3 pages at a time).

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At Comic-Book-Artists we promise to offer you complete support in your path to become the next big thing! Trust us. We are the best you can get, if you are willing to get in touch with the top comic book artists.

High Points of our color comic book illustrations service

• Digital colorization of comic book sketches drawn by graphic novel artist.

• Clients can pay in easy installments.

• Affordably priced services.

• Complete transparency of communication with graphic novel illustrator.

• A team of experienced artists who have contributed to the widely appreciated Marvel Comics.

Fee structure

We charge $50 for per panel/frame of a full color comic book. In case panels required are less than 4/page, the cost would be $250. If the total fee goes above $1000, you can choose to go for payment in installments (3 pages, per installment).

Check out our samples here.

See samples

Click here to see samples