Character design artist | illustrator character design

character design artist | illustrator character design

character design artist

character design artist

Looking for a character design artist for your comic book, graphic novel or animation project? You have just landed in the correct place; so sit back and relax! We are the fun loving busy bees who give your aspiration wings- born out of creativity, sincerity and uniqueness. Our  illustrator character design artists builds the images that flare up people’s imagination. Here our team of character illustration  and game character design artists are the bunch of dreamers- eager to transform your dream  into reality. 

Work is fun for us, here are the things we do: 

  • Our artists are skilled and knows exactly what you are looking for!
  • We are skilled in different types of art forms like manga style, action-comics, anime and Disney styles. 
  • You can pick any character artist for hire and get the best results. 
  • We are pocket friendly and punctual. You can go for b/w or for colour illustrations. 
  • Ask for revision, if you are not happy with our service. 
  • Initially can go for a simple outline or a pencil sketch before we proceed for colouring.
  • You can share your links and references to us before we proceed.
  • Can also share images of actual people and ask your character artist to make the character look similar to the reference image of the actual person.
  • We also provide Hollywood storyboard service and have done character designs of several Hollywood films and animated shows.

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is a pleasant surprise. It is very affordable. You also qualify for a bulk discount if you order work worth over $2,000 at a time.

  • Colored character (without background)– $150
  • Color character (with background) – $200

Click here to see samples