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About Us is an extension of the immensely popular Power Media and Entertainment Group. The media house has been running several service wings over a decade and has managed to raise the global standards for art and literary publications. The wings include the names of: – The leading screenplay service providers in the world. – A premier self-publishing company – A highly valued ghost-writing service – A highly valued ghost-writing service

Power Book Trailers – Thriving book trailer making service.

Adding to the illustrious list is, a name that has introduced several creative innovations in the industry and given the generation some of the best comic book writers. In the past 6 years, the dynamic and highly talented team comprising of the top comic book artists in India has handled over 1200 projects that includes 75+ script writing projects for movie, television series and commercials, besides 300+ artworks. The complete credit for our constant growth in the field, goes to the organized and strict quality control processes that we work within. It comprises of 4-stages that work systematically to ensure our 100% adherence to deadlines and commitments.

Who are our clients?

• Script/ story writers of comic books or graphic novels, looking for illustrators to put down their ideas in ink. So, if you are planning to write a graphic novel, we have just the services to give your creativity the right boost.

• Illustrators of comic books who require script writers. Graphic novel illustration cannot come out right, without being backed by a perfect script.

• Publishers who want to work with script writers and comic book artists, for publication works.

• Editors of magazines, newspaper, e-papers and media sites on the web, who want to access ace script writers and comic book artists.

• Movie production houses looking forward to release comic books of their movies as merchandise products, for better promotion purposes.